A better coffee experience is all about the ratios

I always wondered why the lattes I ordered to go were so bland. Last year serendipity provided an opportunity for me to learn not only why, but also what I can do about it.

At the 2018 Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) conference I happened upon both an alarmingly obvious and wildly bold idea based on the issue identified by top baristas, that the take out cup ratio of coffee to milk don’t match the dine-in ratio, thus throwing off the flavor profiles.

Precision Series take-out coffee cups provide the right proportion of milk to espresso, giving you the flavor experience you expect

Tim Adams and and Craig Simon set about the task of solving this problem and came up with the innovative new take-out cup design that offers the correct ratio of espresso to milk.

Detpak’s new Precision SeriesML promotes the ultimate in coffee taste and experience. 

Two-time Australian Barista Champion and World Barista Championship finalist Craig Simon said the cups finally provide a solution for one of baristas’ longest standing challenges. “The new Precision Series helps us serve a consistent coffee taste and strength in every size,” Craig Simon said. “Coffee lovers no longer have to compromise on taste when they take away their daily cup.” 

The smaller proportionally correct cups have the added benefit of minimizing raw materials to decrease the carbon footprint of takeaway coffee cups. 

I'm proud to partner with DetPak to bring these necessary & sufficient cups to you